An arcade action game with a unique visual style and a potentially dizzying game-play experience!

Play as Dizzy the Gorilla and try to survive atop a skyscraper for as long as possible. Destroy as many planes as you can and avoid their heavy arsenal! You are King of the jungle, but you can only be King of the skies if you go Kong on them!

To play, stand up, hold your phone in landscape mode with the device vertical and screen facing you, and turn around the full 360 degrees to find the planes and manoeuvre Dizzy into position to destroy them.

Dizzy is in for a very bad day …

Note: you can reject access to your contacts, my game doesn’t actually need them, I’m not sure why it asks for them, it could be related to the Google Ads SDK that delivers the ads. An internet connection IS required to play the free version though.


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