Reviews St.

Are you looking for real estate? Is moving house on the cards? Moving can seem like a daunting task, especially if you don’t know which suburbs and streets are good or which suburbs and streets are bad. With realty it’s difficult making decisions about what is the best place to move to, isn’t it? This […]

Crappy Bird

Crappy Bird is a highly addictive little arcade game, easy to pick up but difficult to master. Eat the bugs, dodge the obstacles, and crap on them for extra points. How long can you survive? Note: this is an ad-supported app so an internet connection is required at all times. Note: It is highly recommend […]

3 Minutes

Got 3 Minutes free? Then what are you waiting for, 3 Minutes is free to play! Languishing in video game Hell, our Hero has no choice but to run for eternity, seeking out the three parts of the key to unlock the portal that will lead to another panicked 3 Minutes of mad dashery. This […]

Hang Man 3D

Inspired by the well-known word game of Hang Man, this version features glorious 3D western themed graphics, four levels of difficulty and ten categories including 16,000 movies and over 150,000 general knowledge questions! Atmospheric music and sound effects set the western theme perfectly! Categories are: Movies Rock Songs The Beatles songs Animals Bugs Countries Famous […]

Splat Attak!

Ever wanted to fend off giant spiders at night during a storm? I thought not, but now you can! This is my take on the bug┬ásplat game. The rules are simple …┬ásurvive as long as you can and kill as many as you can! Touch the spiders to kill them. There’s an atmospheric day / […]

Dizzy the Gorilla

An arcade action game with a unique visual style and a potentially dizzying game-play experience! Play as Dizzy the Gorilla and try to survive atop a skyscraper for as long as possible. Destroy as many planes as you can and avoid their heavy arsenal! You are King of the jungle, but you can only be […]


What can I say? I love beer! Since about November 2009 I’ve been trying beers from around the world. I’ve tried over 2,200 different beers and cataloged them on my website. MiBeer is my first Android application to be released in the app store. It’s a personal project and I’m releasing it for free in […]